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Lip Shaping & Contoring in Cranleigh, Surrey

Lip augmentation is an art as much as a science. It is not only important knowing the anatomy of the lips , but how the lips relate to each other, and how they relate to the nose and chin, both in profile and frontal views. By using the correct techniques and the appropriate dermal filler we can create symmetry and balance, adding volume and fullness to thin lips, or where more definition is needed, we can frame the lips and enhance cupids bow to achieve a subtle and natural enhancement, far from the exaggerated look you see on TV and social media.

Shape, contour and volumise lips

We offer a range of the most advanced dermal fillers, each with their own personality, allowing us to address the different lip shapes, and lip tissues, whilst offering versatility for a more personalised lip treatment.

We use products such as:
Juvederm Volbella® from Allergan, which is a silky and soft material, meaning results are discrete and realistic.

BELOTERO® Lips Shape and Contour from Mertz, allows us to address the two different types of lip tissue, the body of the lip, and the white roll allowing us to create definition and volume.

TEOSYAL® KISS from Teoxane is suitable for patients looking for a drastic change, usually several treatments are required to achieved the desired look of increased volume, plumpness and protrusion.

This is a sample of the products we use, and ultimately we choose a product that is tailored for your lips.

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